To create a dialogue around the issues of and solutions for rural youth homelessness in Wellington County.


Together we will end youth homelessness.


We’ve set out a bold plan to address youth homelessness in our community. The impact we intend to achieve through our collective impact initiative can only be achieved if we have individuals, groups, and systems working in collaboration with us.
The most significant challenge we face, to bring these individuals together to work in collaboration, is that there is a lack of awareness that youth homelessness exists in Wellington County and a misunderstanding of youth homelessness in general.

Therefore, an awareness campaign is a critical first step to mobilize our community.
The awareness campaign will:
1) raise awareness among community members, including youth, that youth homelessness exists in our community
2) serve to engage the community and bring diverse stakeholders together to support the implementation of strategies in our strategic plan; and
3) assist in youth homelessness prevention by providing information about resources and supports currently available in the community.